Welcome to Lobster!

This document is the starting point for all the Lobster documentation.

Lobster home page on the web, GitHub.

Using the compiler

A quick getting started guide.

More detailed: using Lobster from the command line, or setting up editors such as Sublime Text, VSCode or Notepad++ as IDE.

Learning the language

If you already know how to program in at least one C-style language (C/C++/C#/Java/JavaScript etc), then a way to get a quick idea of where Lobster is different is by looking at the C-style language Cheat Sheet.

Useful for reference: all builtin functions (this part of the documentation is auto-generated by the compiler).

Tutorials: How to build a 2D shooter step by step in Lobster.

To learn the language more in-depth: The language reference. Check out the style guide before you write lots of code :) Read about the type system or memory management.

Building Lobster

Read about the implementation to be able to compile, extend or use Lobster for your own C++ projects.

About Lobster

Lobster was designed and implemented by Wouter van Oortmerssen (aardappel at gmail dot com / strlen.com).

It has been released under the Apache v2 open source licence.

Read about the design philosophy, history and future.